We believe that everyone loves their vehicle. But, washing it is such a tedious process. It's full of boredom. We are on a mission to "make washing fun again."

About us

We intend to make washing fun and enjoyable. The biggest hurdle to it are two things which can be summarised in one word: Time.

Car wash takes too much time. Usually, car wash takes a lot of time. We are trying to tackle this issue by making the wash quick and efficient. And, we tend to keep working on that.

Car wash leaves us with nothing to do. There are times when delays are expected. Some services just take time. In those cases, we end up just staring at our beloved getting rinsed. We intend to make this time...bearable. From a fancy customer lounge to something as simple as teaching basic car hygiene. We are trying to make it an opportunity.

What we do

We provide different services. But, the major ones are...

Quick Wash

The swift and instantaneous service to opt for when you are in a hurry.

Regular Wash

Good old wash and rinse to your vehicle to make it tidy.

Compound Wash

When you want your vehicle to shine like a star. We have diesel wash for you, if you like.


Sanitization is no alien to us. We help make you keep your car as safe as your hand.

Anti Rust Coating

It helps your car look new forever and last longer.

Pickup And Drop Service

Just sit on the couch and call us to opt for a pickup and drop.

Get in touch

For any queries, plans, offer and corporate/business deal initiation, we recommend you to contact us via email.